Multi-Coin Processing (150+ coins)

Let your customers pay in 150+ different altcoins & we’ll exchange it to your preferred cryptocurrency, stable coin, or fiat automatically.

How it works?

4 simple steps

You sell a product or a service online and set your desired price for it (for ex. $10)

User selects "Pay with Crypto" during his checkout process

We calculate the best exchange rate available and let the user pay with his prefered coin.

You receive the payment in Bitcoin or Fiat, depending on your preferences.

Why Accept Crypto Payments?

  • No chargebacks
  • No price fluctuations
  • No transactions fees
  • Increased transactional security
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No chargebacks

Eliminate costly chargeback fees by accepting crypto payments in over 150 different altcoins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, and Ripple.

No price fluctuations

Protect your money against price fluctuations by automatically exchanging them into a preferred stable coin.

No transactions fees

Get your money directly into your account or your PayBilla corporate wallet. No banks involved, no transaction fees.

Increased transactional security

Prevent frauds and chargebacks by enabling crypto payments. Take advantage of Blockchain platforms with multi-level encryption to ensure transactional security.

What you get?

Increased conversions

We make sure your customers can pay with crypto wherever they are, from any device, no headaches or hidden costs.

Instant payments

Instead of waiting up to three days or more for your payments to be processed by banks enable crypto payments and receive your money instantly.

Secure transactions

PayBilla keeps your business safe with state-of-the-art algorithms. We continuously develop new solutions to keep up with new technologies.

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