Affiliate management

Manage affiliates, monitor traffic and conversions, and pay commissions directly from your PayBilla dashboard.

Get control over your campaigns

Run multi-brand campaigns and monitor their performance. Control multiple brands and products at the same time with an intuitive, customizable and easy-to-integrate platform.

Manage affiliate payouts

Analyze affiliate and campaign performance, monitor conversions and sales, allocate commissions, and manage payouts directly from your PayBilla dashboard.

Track your investment and ROI in real time

Get real-time insights and reports to see how clients are reacting to your marketing campaigns, how your investment is performing and what your level of return is.

What you get?

Automation & scalability

We make your life easier with a scalable and automatable platform. You can set up triggered emails and webhooks, automate workflows, and approve commissions directly from your PayBilla dashboard.

Campaign optimization

We use machine learning algorithms to determine your best-performing offers and landing pages so you can put campaign optimization on autopilot.

Data grouping

Switch between reports from one level to another and from one campaign to another and explore specific layers of data to get actionable insights.

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