About us

Our mission is to build the easiest way to send and receive money. Period.

We`ve been Bitcoin and Blockchain supporters since 2009 and believed, since the very beginning, that Blockchain can help solve so many of the furstrations we`ve gained in time with traditional payment gateways.

That`s why we started building a universal payment processor, that helps merchants anywhere easily setup, accept payments, send invoices, track their sales & affiliates, all from one place.

We`re a team of passionate individuals who came together to pursue a dream. We want to enable people form all background, religions, businesses and regions to send and receive money. It`s the 21st century and yet it still takes a long time to setup your account and start selling or simply pay for stuff online.

So instead of waiting for somebody else to build an ideal payment gateway, we`ve decided to put our heads together and combine our expertise in Software Development, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Legal & Compliance, Finance & Banking to bring you Paybilla.

What we stand for

Safety & security.

Paybilla is a digital commerce solution that allows you to pay for your stuff in a simple, easy and intuitive way.

Our main priority is to make sure your funds and data are kept safe and secure. We use the best data encryption practices to guard against any unauthorized transactions and we are constantly evolving our security solutions.


Cryptocurrencies by their nature offer privacy and security to both customer and merchant. It's super safe and fast and most of all, private. Paybilla uses cutting edge solutions for payments.


We like to stay ahead of the market and anticipate your needs. That's actually our game and we're rather good at it.

Full Transparency

We believe in Integrity and Full Transparency!

There are no additional fees, and no charge for subscription or membership! It's simple, practical and easy to understand.

Quality Focused, the best UX

The best user experience to both customer and merchant!

Through the power of collaboration, and staying informed, we will continue adding usable and inovative features