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How it works?

4 simple steps

You sell a product or a service online and set your desired price for it (for ex. $10)

User selects "Pay with Crypto" during his checkout process

We calculate the best exchange rate available and let the user pay with his prefered coin.

You receive the payment in Bitcoin or Fiat, depending on your preferences.


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Fast and Secure

Crypto Payments are fundamentally designed to be faster and safer than traditional Bank transfers.
It's super safe and fast and most of all, private.

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Billing & Invoicing

Each transaction that goes through Paybilla has an invoice that is sent to the customer, detailing the product purchased, it`s price and all other legal information.

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Affiliate Management

You can manage your affiliates from your admin account: check their performance, set their commissions and handle their payments from a simple interface.

Transaction Reporting

Review you full transaction history, export reports and manage your payments.

Full Transparency

No Extra Fees. No Cancellation Fees. No Long-Term Contract. We believe in Integrity and Full Transparency!

+ More to come

We're passionate about innovation, so we work to find new ways to make the app better every day

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  • Irreversible payments
  • Privacy for you and your customers
  • It's cheaper
  • New customers for your business
  • Simple
  • Support
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Pay as you GO

2.8% commission + 1$ for each successful transaction
  • No Setup/Cancellation Fee
  • Free Billing
  • Real Time Reporting


$10 /Month Subscription +1% / each successful transaction
  • Free Billing
  • Free Affiliate Management
  • Dedicated Support
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Account Management


Custom offer based on enterprise needs and volumes.
  • Custom Integration
  • Custom checkout